Semi Precious Stone

Here you can see a large collection of semi precious stones that we at Imperial Exports work with. We personally think that this is a pretty good list of semi precious stones, but if we missed anything or got anything wrong, please let us know!

We are competent to supply Semi Precious Stones and other decorative stones , tiles , modules , free length slabs and cut to size as per customer's requirements.

We also provide Semi Precious Stone in required shapes according to project to install directly at the project site such as steps , riders , counter tops , pillars etc. We are presently supply our products to Russia , Europe , USA, UK , Middle East and Africa Region.

A semi precious stone can say so many things, without actually saying anything at all. It can reflect a mood, a feeling, a time period in your life, and so much more. Here at Imperial Exports, we are proud to offer one of the most extensive selections of fine semi precious gemstones available anywhere! The perfect gift for any occasion, let a magnificent semi precious stone show someone special in your life just how much you care.

At Imperial Exports, we are extremely pleased to provide one of the most comprehensive choices of excellent semi precious gemstones available. Our dedicated team has many skilled and creative craftsmen, who have been in this business for generations

Types of Semi Precious Stones Available



Black Agate

Blue Agate

Blue Tiger Eye

Brown Agate

Crystal Agate

Dark Blue Agate

Grey Agate


Madreperla Bianca

Madreperla Gialla

Madreperla Nera


Natural Agate

Petrified Wood

Red Agate

Red Jasper

Red Tiger Eye

Rose Quarz

Smoky Quarz

Tiger Eye Gold

Tiger Iron

White Quarz

Yellow Quartz

Smoky Quarz Extra Dark

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