India is one of the few countries in the world possessing a wide spectrum of slate stones. Slate mines are found in north and southern part of India. Natural slate is a compact metamorphic rock, composed primarily of silica and alumina and are used in large scales in the construction of buildings and for flooring, roofing and wall cladding.

Types of Slate Available

A Red Natural
Black Beauty
Blackslate Natural
Desert Fire
Golden Green
Greyslate Natural
Himachal White
Indian Autumn
Jack Multicolour
J Black Natural
Kota Blue
Kota Brown
Kota Honey
Kund Multicolour
Misty Green
Misty Green 2
Multicolour Mau
Multicolour Red
Multicolour Rustic
Naggreen Natural
Newgreen Natural
Ocean Green 1
Ocean Green 2
Ocean Green 3
Pure Pink
Rajah Multicolour
Sanjani Natural
Silver Grey
Silver Shine
Taj Rose
Terrared Natural
Terrared Polished
Vijayagold Natural

Standard Specifications

We offer slate stones in various forms and types viz. slate wall tiles, slate flooring tiles, slate slabs, cut to size pavements slate, slate flags, slate chips, slate stone strips and more.

Chisel Splitting : Possible

S.No. Finishes Offered Both Faces Natural One Face Natural One Face Calibrated One Face Calibrated One Face Honed
1 Standard Thickness (mm) 10-20 mm 10 mm (± 1.5 mm) 10 mm (± 1.5 mm)
2 Standard Dimension (cm) 30 x 30 cm
60 x 30 cm
60 x 40 cm
60 x 60 cm
75 x 60 cm
90 x 60 cm
Tumbled - 10 x 10 cm, 15 x 15 cm
30 x 30 cm
60 x 40 cm
45 x 45 cm
60 x 60 cm
60 x 90 cm
120 x 60 cm

We can also provide other sizes and specifications as required by our clients. Each stone varies in its characteristics and properties and hence variation must be expected. The given sizes and thickness are an approximation only and may vary in color, tone, marking and texture.

Applications of slate

Slate stone is used on a large scale in the construction of buildings and for flooring, roofing and wall cladding. The strips can be used to make various designs on the walls and a combination of different shades and colors of slate stones can be used to create varied patterns.

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